SU-25T Weapons sheet available for download (product section)

SU-25T Shkval support added

Ka-50 Shkval and Abris comming soon

DCSpanelsPro is application for controlling A-10C MFCDs , CDU and SU-25T Shkval instruments from DCS World simulator directly on your Android device.

server part runs on your PC and sends pictures from simulator instruments – due game limitation, instruments must be displayed on some monitor (on dedicated part of your only monitor,  on 2nd monitor, or if your GPU has VGA or DVI-I port dummy monitor can be created without soldering for $5)  Server also receive keypresses from tablet.  More info on DCSpanelsPro product page and FAQ

client part which displays instruments pictures and sends instrument keypresses to simulator (install app “DCSpanelsPro” on tablet from Google play for EUR 6.65 without VAT)

software for PC & Android