What is DCS World ?
Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a free-to-play digital battlefield game produced by Eagle Dynamics, focusing on simulation of military aircraft. It includes the FREE Su-25T and it is extensible through additional DCS modules.One of the payed module – A-10C provides simulation of ground-attack aircraft A-10C Thunderbolt II known as “Warthog”. This is the best military grade aircraft simulation on PC. You can download DCS World for free here and buy and download A-10C module here

What is DCSpanelsPro
DCSpanelsPro is application for Android devices (tablets and phones) with reasonable screen size (about 7″) which provides you better simulation experience by displaying 3 instruments from A-10C cockpit and one instrument from SU-25T cockpit on your Android device which you can control. This product is composed from 2 parts.

Which components DCSpanelsPro has and where can I get them?
Server part which runs on your PC and client part which runs on your Android device. You can download server part from this website in product section and you can install client from Google Play on your Android device. Here is description of client listed on Google Play.

Which A-10C instruments are supported ?
Left, right MFCD and CDU

Which SU-25T instruments are supported ?
Electro optical system with TV monitor – Shkval

Which versions o DCS World are supported ?
DCS World 1.5 and DCS World Alpha 2.0

What is MFCD and CDU ?
A-10C has two Multi Function Color Displays (MFCD) surrounded by 20 buttons which controls various navigation, armament and many other functions of aircraft. There is also one navigation device-computer named CDU which can be used for entering coordinates of targets provided by JTAC or another sources, navigation and instrument controlling.

How DCSpanelsPro works and connects ?
Server part on your PC sends instruments pictures from your PC monitor to your Android device and client part which runs on your Android device sends commands from instruments to PC server part which sends them to DCS World simulator. Your PC should be attached to your home network (LAN) by cable and Android devices by WiFi. Here is simple animation of how it works.

What do I need ?
Due to DCS World limitation you need some space on your PC monitor to display instruments which are sent to Android device (I cannot grab instruments pictures directly from simulator memory). So there are several possibilities:

  • you “sacrifice” part of your only PC monitor so there will be narrow stripe on right side of your monitor which shows instruments
  • you have more than one monitor attached on your PC (any old for example) and you will show instruments here
  • there is possibility to create second virtual monitor (as projector or just attaching VGA cable to your graphic card) but this depends on your graphics card and monitor configuration so I cannot provide universal manual how to make this
  • or if your GPU has VGA or DVI-I port dummy monitor can be created without soldering for $5)

How can I configure monitors ?
If you have 2 monitors, server part of DCSpanelsPro can configure monitors automatically for you, you will just fill resolutions and positions. If you have more than 2 monitors, you should setup them manually by shift-clicking on START button in server part of DCSpanelsPro. Here is video with step by step manual configuration for more than 2 monitors.

Can I attach more than one Android device ?
With A-10C up to 3 separate Android devices are supported. So for example you can display each instrument (left MFCD, right MFCD and CDU) on separate Android device (tablet, phone) and control them (only in manual server mode by shift-clicking on START button)

How should I connect multiple Android devices with A-10C ?
First port is used for MFCDs (yes both muxed), second for right MFCD only and third for CDU. So there is several options:

  • with 2 Android devices – just connect first Android device to first server port (you can switch between left/right MFCD) and second Android device to third server port for controlling CDU
  • with 2 Android devices – just connect first Android device to first server port (left MFCD) and second Android device to second server port (right MFCD), you will have no CDU control
  • with 3 Android devices – just connect first Android device to first server port (left MFCD), second Android device to second server port for controlling (right MFCD) and third Android device to third server port for controlling CDU

How can I control multiple instruments on one Android device ?

With A-10C by dragging on Android device as in another Android applications. Just image that MFCDs are side by side and CDU is below like in real aircraft. If you dont like dragging you can switch between MFCDs by touching them.

How should I connect Android devices with SU-25T ?

There is only one instrument in SU-25T – electrooptical sensor named Shkval with TV monitor, so you can use automatic mode on first port, or in manual mode (shift START) you can connect to first or second port

Is it free ?
No client part is not free, you can purchase it from Google Play on tablet for 6.65 EUR without VAT

Why is price so high ?
I think it is not high. I have spent about 270 hours on development, I must maintain web pages, and I provide support on Eagle Dynamics forum here for this product and I am also running web server which consumes electricity

Are you professional programmer ?
No I am not. I am making programs for fun and sometimes I develop programs for my friends and rarely for money.

How many users are there ?
There are about 100 users per year.

Is there free version ?
There was and there were about 2000 users. Currently there is only payed version.

Why ?
Because it was published as beta version, and it only gives me bad score on Google Play, because people don’t understand what beta version is.

Will be there support for another aircraft ?
Yes, currently FREE SU-25T and payed A-10C modules are supported.

What can I do to support you ?
Just buy DCSpanelsPro on Google Play and rate it high. If you have problems with this product please ask on ED forum here first, I will try to solve it.

Is there another place or possibility to buy DCSpanelsPro ?
Currently no, but I plan SEPA payments for European customers.

How it will works ?
Customer will send SEPA payment with serial number and I will send back unlock code.

Why not only Google Play ?
Because when you sold item on Google Play store, Google take 30 % of revenue.

Where can I get support ?
I provide support on ED forums here. I will always try to fix problems within one day. If you have ideas how to improve DCSpanelsPro just write it on forum and I will try to implement it.

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