Server part - version 2.5

Client part


Version 2.5 (15-dec-2019)

- added support for F-16 MFDs and ICP with DED display
- fixed possibility to enter dual mfcd mode in Mirage
- fixed non switching Harrier instruments after returning from UFC
- fixed creation of config files if destination file doesn't exist

Version 2.4 (15-sep-2019)

- added auto inserting of waypoint coordinates from map for AV-8B Harrier (added 5 new keys to keybindings)
- added option for moving of instruments on x,y axis on Android devices (usefull for cockpit developers)
- changed coordinates inserting for waypoints and JDAM - now uses only precise GPS map format (improved reliability)
- fixed easting/westing bug when auto inserting waypoint coordinates from map on F-18C Hornet
- fixed messed up bottom row UFC buttons on F-18 Hornet UFC
- fixed non working Harrier . and - UFC buttons
- revorked GUI menu on desktop

Version 2.3 (11-may-2019)

- added M-2000C radar, RWR and weapon panel
(lights under buttons and switch animation not yet implemented)
- revorked manual
- fixed freeze after saving changes in GUI autoconfig
- fixed mixed up width and height of playscreenarea in GUI autoconfig
- fixed wrong path to Viggen navigation template
- fixed wrong message for adding keybindings
- fixed bottom buttons not clearly visible on PC when connecting 3 tablets
- fixed selection of dual MFCD mode for AC which don't have 2 MFCD

Version 2.2 (14-april-2019)

- added precision MGRS coordinates auto inserting for JDAM (see manual pages 5,6)
- added speed of dialing coordinates on UFC as parameter to config
- added view only mode (frameless) for MFCD/MPCD/MDI/AMPCD (see manual page 7)
- fixed network autodiscover with more than 1 NICs on some systems

Version 2.1 (11-april-2019)

- added F-18 Hornet JDAM auto inserting coordinates from map for JDAM bombs on MDIs/AMPCD (manual pages 5-6)
- added possibility to specify map coordinates in config.txt file (see page 5)
- improved auto waypoint entering for F-18 (on any MDIs/AMPCD)
- improved reliability of switching instruments rotation (slower but more reliable)
- improved reliability of AC switching (slower but more reliable)
- fix - auto waypoint not working in Nevada map
- fix - adding of waypoint not working on specific condition
- fix - not able to see Harrier MPCDs (buttons remapped - on desktop you must push "Add keybindings..." to remap buttons)
- fix - not able to switch to viggen
- fix - not showing name of the instrument after switching from/to UFC
- fix - sending of kneepad pages blocks server status window
- fix - A-10C CDU position shifted 10 pixels to left on screen (this is A10C module bug) - corrected by template

Version 2.0 (24-march-2019)

- added Hornet and Harrier UFC
- added playscreen area config to desktop app
- improved keybinding warning messages
- improved picture quality for CDU and UFCs instruments
- fixed wrong instruments swiping on hornet
- fixed instrument export warning messages
- fixed maximum CDU height in GUI config
- fixed wrong labels placement in GUI config

Version 1.9 (5-march-2019)

- added rotation of single instruments top/left/right/down
- tuned visual area of all instruments
- fixed hornet AMPCD logic
- fixed hornet AMPCD buttons
- fixed non-working buttons after returning from CDU/Abris/ViggenNav

Version 1.8 (13-feb-2019)

- added dual mfcd/mdi/mpcd support for A-10C, F/A-18C Hornet, AV-8B Harrier
- added automatic waypoint adding for Hornet, created from map coordinates in game

Version 1.7 (31-jan-2019)

- added SAMs threat pages (list between SAMs, sort them and access info subpages)
- added version check match between PC and Android app
- fixed crash when instruments buttons were pressed without connection

Version 1.6 (26-jan-2019)

- added 50 pixels resizing of playscreen area in GUI monitor config
- added possibility of running GUI monitor config several times
- added version info showing on tablet app on start
- added notice of loading of kneepad pages on tablet
- fix - non working tablet buttons after return from kneepad on tablet
- fix - not switching to actual AC instruments after tablet app restart

Version 1.5 (25-jan-2019)

- added kneepad support (double tab to show, swipe left/right, then double tap to return)
- improved GUI monitor config with manual monitor input support (by shift clicking on GUI button)
- GUI monitor config now supports 2 monitors up to 4k resolution
- GUI monitor config autoscaling
- updated manual
- fix - white screen instead of detected monitors in GUI monitor config
- fix - coordinates not visible in GUI monitor config on start
- fix - Ka-50 Abris buttons not working
- fix - aInstruments on Desktop not run correctly on another windows drive
- fix - aInstruments crash on swipe to another instrument when not connected

Version 1.4 (31-dec-2018)

- added support for AJS 37 Viggen radar and data panel & navigation instruments
- rounded MDI displays for F/A-18C Hornet
- updated manual
- fixed bug not updating picture when coming back from Abris to Shkval on Ka-50
- fixed displacement of OSB 9 buttons on left and right MFCDs on A-10C
- fixed error in monitor template

Version 1.3 (24-dec-2018)

- added support for up to 3 Android devices simultaneously connected to DCS World
- added screen with "waiting for connection" instead of blurred cdu image
- added debug.txt and error.txt files on server for better bugreport
- fixed crash on start on some older devices
- fixed bug when swipe to Hornet AMPCD was possible from another aircrafts
- minor performance tuning

Version 1.2 (1-dec-2018)

- added support for older tablets, API 14 (Android 4.0 and higher)
- added GUI monitor drag&drop configuration (up to 2 monitors are supported)
- DCS World beta is also supported ( via manual path settings )

Version 1.1 (21-nov-2018)

- added support for Ka-50 Shkval and Abris instruments
- added frame graphics for each instrument instead of generic
- added on the fly switching of instruments between aircraft
- added app icon
- recompiled for Android 9 Pie support
- minor fixes

Version 1.0 (17-nov-2018)

- initial version of aInstruments (previously known as DCS panels Pro)
- switching of instruments on the fly
- much more stable that DCS panels Pro
- autoconnect/autodiscover on LAN (you don't need to mess with IP address)
- new keyboard routines(sends output just to DCS, right shift/ctrl/alt combos possible)